fire safety course

In the whole of India, about 60 people per day die due to Fire Accidents.

Fire is tricky and should be respected and controlled.

Do you want to become an expert on Fire Safety & Prevention Planning?

There are several online courses to become a Fire Safety expert. The most complete, highly reviewed course will:

  • Help you understand why you should have a Fire Prevention & Response Plan
  • Make you fully comprehend the different fire extinguisher systems
  • Get you insight in different modes of heat transfer (like conduction, convection & radiation)
  • Guide you to create an effective FSMS (Fire Safety Management System) for your organization!
  • Explain the usage and way of working of portable & fixed installations
  • Show you how to control fire hazards
  • Make you understand the training requirements for prevention of fire
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden
  • Train you to conduct Fire Risk assessments & help you create mitigation plans.

The full training can be found on Udemy, you can enter through: