How to download a movie using utorrent

Torrenting is a peer to peer way of sharing files, like movies, with likeminded people. Downloading through torrents allows you to download big files in tiny pieces, from several other users (peers) at the same time. The software glues the different parts together again. On this page I give you a tiny tutorial to show how to download a movie using utorrent!

STEP 1 – Get Software

One of the favorite software applications to use for torrenting is µTorrent. Always make sure you download the program from the original creators, so there’s no malware included. I shortened the link for you. To download go this page: Install the program following the usual logical steps.

STEP 2 – Find Torrent Search Engines

Once you have the program installed, you’re ready to find some files to download. There are several ways of approaching this. One rocksolid tactic, is to use a torrent search engine. A great example is Torrentz2, which you’ll find here: If you’re a researcher, Academic Torrents ( is a great place for huge datasets & other research materials. For this tutorial I’ll make use of . If you can’t find what you’re looking for with these search hubs, there are plenty more. Use Google to identify them!

STEP 3 – Search Specific Torrent

In this example I search for Public Domain

In the Torrentz2 search engine, you type in what you’re looking for. In this example, I’ll use it to find files which are legal to download for free. I’ll search for public domain. Films, music, books and other media in the public domain are old enough to be without copyright. This means it’s not illegal to download. Here is the search:

STEP 4 – Understand Search Results

This seems an interesting file!

At the moment of trying, it returned 368 Torrents, in 0.001s. Now that’s fast! For each torrent it shows me the TITLE / TYPE / AGE / SIZE / PEERS. I choose Bach Keyboard Sheet Music – Public Domain <– this is the TITLE. The TYPE is ebook. It’s online for 9 years. Its size is 90 MB. It has 15 + 1 = 16 peers. 15 people are sharing it to download, 1 is downloading it (seeders vs. leechers). That’s a good ratio. When downloading, always make sure the green number is higher then 0.

STEP 5 – Choose One Torrent

All the different files which are packed in the torrent!

After clicking the title, I open the information page ( for this torrent named Bach Keyboard Sheet Music – Public Domain. Have a look at the information on the page. I usually check out the list of Torrent Contents (bottom) and the Torrent Download Locations. I compare the file & folder structure as under Torrent Contents with my expectations. In the list of download locations, I try to always select They’re stable, lightweight and have almost everything! If the files seem correct, click on!

Never click a sponsored link here, this will NOT get you to a torrent download.

STEP 6 – Get The Magical Magnet

At the Monova page ( there is this button:

Use this button on the Monova site!

Press it. Seriously. Press it. I know you’re looking for a torrent. That’s exactly what this Magnet will bring you. Without bothering you with the technical aspect, this is what happens. The moment you click the DOWNLOAD MAGNET button, you’ll be prompted to choose a program. Select uTorrent, and it’ll start downloading for you. The magnet sticks the torrent to your program 🙂

STEP 7 – Download & Enjoy!

It’s downloading!

The programs connects to the different people who have the files available for download. It might download from several persons at the same time! This increases speed and stability.

The Bach Keyboard Sheet Music torrent finished downloading in within 10 minutes, and is now available on my harddrive:

Downloaded & ready to use!

In this tiny tutorial, I’ve shown you how to download any torrent with uTorrent. I could’ve chosen a movie, a book or electronic music instead. The way of working is the same.

It’s legal to download torrents.

Downloading copyrighted material isn’t!

Be careful of what you download, or face the consequences. This is the reason why in this example I’ve used Public Domain items.