php online free course

PHP is the most popular language for web development. The majority of the websites that you visit on a daily basis (including this one!), is constructed through PHP.

There are some free, and many payed courses to learn PHP.

A great place to start learning PHP is here: This link will bring you to CodeAcademy. This is a fantastic place to start to learn new languages, like PHP!

The course is split up into 10 valuable lessons. These are the lessons that you’ll get:

  1. Getting Started with PHP: the role of PHP in modern web development is explained. How it is used to create dynamic web pages for our visitors.
  2. Learn PHP Variables: variables play an important role in the functionality of your code.
  3. Introduction to Functions in PHP: they are reusable code blocks that allow you to repeatedly get the same result.
  4. PHP Built-in Functions: no need for you to re-invent the wheel everytime. There are several built-in functions for PHP. You’ll learn how to find and use those functions.
  5. Learn PHP Arrays: an array is a data type that is used for multiple points of data.
  6. HTML Form Handling in PHP: how PHP handles HTML forms is discussed here.
  7. Conditionals and Logic in PHP: what does boolean mean? How can you use If/Else/etc. conditions? Everything about logic & conditions.
  8. Loops in PHP: how to use this lovely feature of PHP in your code.
  9. PHP Form Validation: earn how to use PHP to validate HTML forms.
  10. Classes and Objects in PHP

This course has been taken by 45 million students! It will take you about 25 hours to finish. Go for it! At !!